Looking for a Big Screen Experience
at Your Next Event? 

We Have Projector Screens, Video Walls, Cameras
and Television Screens

Looking for a Big Screen Experience
at Your Next Event? 

We Have Projector Screens, Video Walls, Cameras
and Television Screens

Worried about live video or live streaming? You are not alone.
Multiple cameras, screens, talent, PowerPoint slides, remote participants?  Rural patchy internet?
There are plenty of opportunities for something to go wrong. Or at least not exactly right!
Timing is critical as well. You only get 1 chance to bring a live event on air.
Whether your event is large or small, we have experience to minimise the chances of something going wrong.
It is important that everybody gets their message across exactly the way it is planned. And a back up plan in place when something spoils Plan A!
We may arrange to play a pre-recorded video if a remote presenter loses their internet signal. 
A thorough check of each presentation and any videos should be done as early as possible.
YouTube videos should be downloaded, not played online.
Sound needs to be thoroughly checked to send a clear message.
We should always do a quick check and adjust any bad camera angles or lighting for remote guests.
Any successful live presentation should be a cooperation between the customer, the presenters and the production crew to make certain everything goes to plan.

Live Streaming?

What is live streaming?
A live stream, is a 1 way communication where the main presenter or presenters are in a single location.
This might be a business meeting, a wedding or a concert for example.
This might be a single person using their webcam and computer microphone all the way up to many people having a forum meeting with multiple camera angles and microphones.
For each of these live streams, the communication is 1 way and there is no opportunity for any live feedback from viewers or remote attendees.
A small twist here is that some streaming platforms may have a chat feature to ask a question.  It might be possible to have a moderator answer these questions or ask the presenter in person during the live show.

Virtual Meetings?

A virtual meeting involves several attendees from various locations.
Typically they will have their own device (laptop, iPad, phone) to log in and participate.
Normally they will be able to decide if their microphone or camera is on or off. They are free to intervene and comment at any time.
Normally this is a less formal meeting where the attendees share their own ideas and it is not critical for a business reputation if there are occasional technical issues.

Hybrid Events?

Our Favourite!
We love to manage several people online, in person and a combination of both at once.
A hybrid event will have local presenters and a local audience who may participate by asking questions.
There will also be presentations from remote far away places brought directly to the in room screens and delivered online on the live stream.
These events actually have 2 or more different audiences accessing the same content at the same time. Each audience has a completely unique presentation delivered so they can enjoy and learn the topic from the presenter.
We can always arrange for online participants to propose questions and share ideas with the team almost like they were there in person.

Live Stream hybrid meetinmg

Using our range of projection screens, tv screens, sound systems, lecterns, microphones, lighting, live switching and recording equipment we can bring your live or hybrid event to life.
Do you need graphics or titles?
Digital Branding?
Multiple recording angles?
Full HD or even 4K video?
Tell us about your event and any inspiration or requirements you have.
We can arrange a full breakdown of resources you will need and a scope of works.

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