Smoke and Fog Machines


Smoke and fog machines are a powerful tool for transforming any event into a mystical and enchanting experience. Whether it's a concert, wedding, or a themed party, the strategic use of fog machines can elevate the ambiance, adding an ethereal touch to the atmosphere.

When to Use Fog Machines:

  1. Concerts and Performances:
    • Enhance stage lighting effects and create a dynamic visual experience for the audience.
    • Amplify the energy and drama of live performances.
  2. Themed Parties:
    • Ideal for Halloween parties, creating an eerie and mysterious atmosphere.
    • Transform ordinary spaces into otherworldly realms for fantasy-themed events.
  3. Weddings and Receptions:
    • Add a touch of romance by creating a soft, dream-like environment.
    • Elevate the grand entrance of the couple for a dramatic and memorable effect.

    • The difference between a fog machine and a smoke machine is how the effect appears.
      A smoke machine has a 'burst' of smoke in a straight line that comes out at force similar to a water hose, before the smoke spreads.
      Fog machines have a softer output and finer smoke that creates a more even, albeit thinner smoke.
      We also have a low smoke machine that creates a low level fog that is perfect for wedding dance floors to create a floating effect.
Bubble machine

Bubble Machines


Bubble machines bring a sense of joy and playfulness to any celebration. These whimsical devices can turn ordinary moments into magical experiences, making them perfect for various events.

When to Use Bubble Machines:

  1. Outdoor Weddings:
    • Create a fairy-tale ambiance during outdoor ceremonies.
    • Enhance the romantic atmosphere as bubbles float through the air.
  2. Children's Parties:
    • Delight young guests with a shower of bubbles, fostering a lively and entertaining environment.
    • Perfect for birthday parties and outdoor gatherings.

Snow Machines


Snow machines can turn any event into a winter wonderland, providing a unique and magical experience. From holiday parties to corporate events, the possibilities are endless.

When to Use Snow Machines:

  1. Holiday Celebrations:
    • Create a festive atmosphere by simulating a snowy landscape, enhancing holiday spirit.
    • Perfect for tree lighting ceremonies and winter-themed events.
  2. Corporate Events:
    • Add a touch of magic to corporate gatherings and team-building activities.
    • Elevate the atmosphere, making events memorable and distinctive.
  3. Winter Weddings:
    • Transform wedding venues into a picturesque winter scene.
    • Capture stunning photos against a backdrop of falling snowflakes.
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