Live Cameras for Events

Events need a camera if somebody is going to watch from a remote location or afterwards from a recording.

You may need just a single camera if you have just 1 presenter or performer. This is great for getting a simple message across where a high level of production is not required.

Larger productions and events may use many cameras to facilitate live viewing or recording from many angles for a more engaging viewer experience.
Each of these camera angles may also be recorded individually so a new recording can be made after the event is finished (post-production)

One Camera or More?

We recommend a single camera set up when there is a single presenter and they are in one place (not moving around). Although you could employ an operator to follow the subject if you choose. A single camera works well in situations when the audience is smaller or the presentation is brief.

Moving on to two cameras. This allows for a scope that includes 2 different shots or camera angles. This is great when you have an area of interest (lectern, whiteboard, screen etc) where a presenter will spend much of their time for 1 of the shots.
The second camera might face the audience for interactive presentations (where the presenter is in a different location) so the presenter and other online attendees can experience being there more closely.
The second camera might also focus on a group of people in a forum situation and the switching operator switches between each camera as they speak. 

Multiple cameras (more than two) Now that we know we can film the presenters, the audience, the room and the stage, what about combining all of these elements?
Maybe we could also add a feed from a remote camera outside as VIP guests arrive? Anything is possible!
Using multiple cameras brings your event to a whole new level. We recommend recording all of these camera feeds individually (ISO Recording) so an even better video can be made after your event. 

What About Video Screens?

Ever been in a large room a long way from the stage? Adding live video screens can make the audience more engaged. Especially if the content requires a more 'close up' feel.
It is also possible to have different content on the live screen at your event and send different video to any remote guests.
Your remote attendees could receive a feed with both the presenter's face and their PowerPoint or a video sent together while the people in the room only see the video or PowerPoint on the house screens.


If you have elected to have your event recorded, you will be able to use the content again and again.
You can have a completely new presentation built using the live video. it is possible sometimes to delete mistakes and use the result for marketing or training purposes in the future.


Whether you have 1 camera for a small event or you need several for a large event, I hope this has helped you understand more of the possibilities of how the cameras may be used.
If you are doing an event in Darwin or nearby you should reach out to discuss your requirements.
We have skilled people on our team who can bring your ideas to life and make sure that your carefully curated content is given the best chance of being seen and heard by as many people as possible.
We are available for corporate events as well as important family moments.

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